Friday, October 30, 2009

The Biggby Jinx

Is my Biggby Coffee jinxing me? I think so.

It's a well known (to me) fact that there seems to be a shortage of hot (to me) professional SINGLE males (HPSM) in my city.  Believed to spend much of their days in office buildings, these elusive creatures are rarely seen.  Their continued existence is, at times, only confirmed during the summer festival days when groups of females will wander downtown Grand Rapids in a daze with one shared thought:

"Where have you (and you and you and you) been hiding??!!!" 

Now, perhaps a less known fact is you can occasionally run into a HPSM at local coffee houses.  For example, I was stunned recently when standing in a building lobby outside my local Biggby, talking on my cell phone, to be confronted with not one, but five such individuals walking through the lobby.  I continued bravely with my conversation but blaring through my head, reminiscent of a festival day, was, "Where have you (and you and you and you and YOU) been hiding??!!!" 

[Answer: apparently in this particular building, the location of which I will take to my grave.]

One would think this phenomenon suggests we should support our local coffee houses thus feeding the addiction that brings the HPSMs out in the open.  That's probably true; however, recent events suggest that my local Biggby is actually jinxing me around the HPSM.

Two days ago, I made my way to Biggby for my daily SSML (that's skinny skinny mocha latticino, no whip - oh yeah, I'm one of those people).  Leaving with my cup o-chocolate goodness, I began walking through the lobby when a seemingly HPSM rounded the corner walking toward me.  Eyes met, smiles were exchanged.  He said, "Hello."  I said, "Hello." 

Jinx #1:  Said "Hello" was followed promptly by a stumble worthy of an I Love Lucy episode.  Although I managed to keep my ass from hitting the ground and (most of) my coffee from doing the same, my undulations and grunts were really not the stuff of successful first meetings.  *horror*

One day ago, I made my way to Biggby for my daily SSML.  Leaving with my cup o-chocolate goodness, I made my way through the lobby and was approaching the doors when I heard an elevator *ding* over my left shoulder.  Instinctively, I looked toward the sound only to see the same HPSM exiting said elevator and shifting his eyes in my direction.  A smirk.  A smirk followed by a "Hi."  Excellent, right?

Jinx #2:  My uncontrollable response to this encounter as a 30-something professional female was to giggle.  GIGG-GAAAAL!!  I also managed one squeaked, "Hi," worthy of Jr. High but apparently that was not enough ... another giggle escaped on my way out the door.  *mortification*

Today, I made my way with a certain amount of trepidation to Biggby for my daily SSML.  I did not see the same HPSM today. No. I did see an older specimen encountered three times before but lately thought extinct.  I had actually engaged the older specimen (and by older, I only mean that I would not feel quite as puma-ish around this particular HPSM as the other admittedly puppish example) in casual conversation about the daily trivia question, shared laughter, no trippage.

Jinx #3:  The older pup entered Biggby with a tall, leggy brunette. *throws up hands and walks away*

I'm beginning to think there's something in that latticino. 


Because, well, because the alternative is that it's just me. 


Naaaaaaaah.  It's the freakin' coffee.

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  1. This will be such a funny story you and your hot lover will laugh over some day soon. It's meant to be - sounds just like a movie.