Monday, May 10, 2010

eHarmony, i.e., Complete Waste of Money

I just cancelled my eHarmony subscription.  Why?  Oh, let's see ...
  1. eHarmony was twice as much money as TWICE!
  2. Many of the men on there are also on
  3. eHarmony doesn't allow you to see any pictures of your matches until you've subscribed.
  4. I've not been matched with anyone I find remotely attractive.
  5. eHarmony doesn't allow you to browse any other men; you are stuck with those with whom it "matches" you.
  6. Half of my initial matches were out of state.
  7. Having a button to click for more matches means diddly squat if the result after waiting a minute is a freakin' computer telling me no more matches exist
  8. Did I mention .... TWICE AS MUCH AS MATCH.COM?!
In short, eHarmony can take its 29 Dimensions of Compatibility and SHOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE UP ITS A....


And now a word from our sponsors: More Reasons To Join Than Ever.  It's Official! leads to more dates, more relationships and more marriages than any other dating site. 




  1. You know what? I've reached a conclusion: married women should envy US!

    We are free to do as we please!!! NO explanations, NO "I have to do anything", NO "where were you?" or "what's for dinner?"... and btw, did you do the laundry? LOL.

    Yes, it could be pretty lonesome, but I'm changing my perspective about my endless singleness... Let's embrace it, J.

    You've been what? trying to find Mr. "perfect for me" for how long? too long. Same thing on this side of the world. Don't waste your time on online dating services. They've proven to be a total fiasco.


  2. Oh, I know the benefits well. There's a give and take to both sides. On our side, we don't have the dirty socks by the couch, plastic milk rings sitting a foot away from the trash, shared money issues, lack of privacy; on the other side, we don't have the support, love, and friendship of a partner. It only works when you've got that elusive right one.