Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why I Buy Organic Eggs (Or Get Them Free).

What this post is not: any kind of scientific tirade on the musts of buying organic vs non organic eggs.  In fact, when I did a quick google search on the same, I discovered completely opposite points of view ranging from studies showing no difference in nutritional value between the two and rather gruesome descriptions of the lives of mass market chickens.  See Food, Inc.  Seriously. SEE FOOD, INC

What this post is: one of MY reasons for continuing to purchase organic eggs.

Living alone, I will, at times, buy more food than I can eat within the "safe" time.  I will eat eggs after the "best buy" date ... to a point, but I recently threw out a few that just seemed a bit light in the water. 

---Side Note---

You can check your eggs by putting them in cold water either in a big bowl or in the sink.  If they sink, you're in the pink.  If they float, you'd be a dope (to eat them).  Apparently, when the egg is going bad, more and more gas is created within the shell and they will begin to float in water. 

I do NOT recommend then cracking a floater to double check. 

Or, well, yeah ... do that.  It might be funny.

---End Side Note ---

It has been quite some time since I purchased non organic eggs in the store.  Yes, I'm one of those people who will fork over $1 or more to get the organic eggs over the standard ones.  Often, I don't have to because my Dad will pick some up for me from the local Amish down home.  Those are by far the best ones I get.  I'm betting the fat content is higher but it doesn't matter - they're just better.  If I'm out of those, I'll get the organic eggs at the grocery store.

This time, feeling guilty over the tossed eggs, I chose to get the smaller 8 pack Grade A large from Meijer.  Awe, just my size. 

They seemed fine until I cracked a couple.  And I did have to crack a couple because this was my first attempt:

Wow - officially the thinnest shells I have ever crumbled in my hand.  Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am as close to being a domestic goddess as Sarah Palin is to the presidency (thank God); however, it has been a while since I completely butchered an egg in the simple attempt to crack it.  And see how it just crackled all over?  I had no hope of getting that egg into the pan without crunchy additives.

Hence the TWO missing eggs from the 8 pack. 

In the end, I'm living dangerously and not throwing out the fresh but anorexic eggs, but I'll be back to my comfortable organic brown hearty eggs the next time I shop. 

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  1. HAHAH...I do that to eggs ALL the time.
    I have henceforth been banned from the kitchen at home.
    Thank God.