Friday, May 20, 2016

Drumroll please .....

It's here. That day.

No .... not THAT day but still a good one.

After my infusion this morning, I'M HALF-WAY DONE WITH CHEMOTHERAPY!

                        *frantic happy dance*

Okay ....but really *happy but slow head toggle to an invisible beat*

This will be number 8 of 16 total. 

I'm heading there soon with my little sister.  Here's hoping for good blood numbers, an easy port access, and completely uneventful icing, drugging time. 

Plus, my new home is looking better and better thanks to all of my fantastic help moving and setting things up.  I hand in my old keys later today.  I see much unpacking in my weekend.

But first ... chemo.

Water? Check!

Star Wars chemo quilt? Check!

Cryotherapy study week-long questi........ uh....... well shit.

                         *looks around at boxes

Wish me luck!

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