Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wanted: A Fantasy Football Ringer

Have I mentioned today how much I hate people?

Just under a week ago, I was banned for the first time in my life from a message board. It's true!! I am such a sweetheart, such a caring, considerate, *cough* completely non-bitch that I can well imagine your shock. In all honestly, I don't believe I've ever felt more hurt and betrayed by this many people at once.

Weeks before receiving that fateful "removal" email, I had been talked into joining a Fantasy Football League by the very people who tossed me with little comment out their cyber door. I only recently remembered the League and promptly removed myself; however, there are now two empty teams sitting there waiting for the draft on September 2nd.

If, by any chance, a reader comes across this blog and deems himself or herself a king or queen of such fantasy games, might I suggest that you go to ESPN's Fantasy Football Homepage and join the Daily Dose League? They need some good competitors and somehow it will not cause me any distress if one or more of you kick some ass there.

Bitter? No, why do you ask?


  1. Kicked out for your flowery language or because you thought fantasy football meant meatheads soaping up in the showers?

  2. Mostly because the owner didn't like having someone around who knew she was full of shit. If this is Andy, I'll explain more elsewhere.

  3. Sis, not to brag or anything, but I'm going for a three-peat in one league and the back-to-back champ in my other league. I'm pro material, but I'm limiting myself to two leagues this year. Sorry. If you want to do it and ask for help along the way, I can do that. Or get Molly. She knocked me out of one league last year in the playoffs and went on to get 2nd overall.

  4. If you think Molly would be interested, it is a free league and the address and name are posted here. No, I want nothing to do with the top three sonsabitches. Thanks anyway - Mmmuah!