Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And suddenly I'm transported back to junior high ...

Don't ask me why ... I find myself thinking, "Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats ... HO!" Psst... was that simply Lion-O letting Cheetara know what he really thought about her?

I used to watch Thundercats every day after school, along with Linda Carter's Wonder Woman, the Beverly Hillbillies, Scooby Doo, and the occasional Little Rascals. Oh, the wonder of growing up with four channels plus PBS! I'd come home, turn on the TV, and settle down to do homework. I had two blissful hours with the house to myself (provided my little sister Jenny would stay next door with my aunt). I'd eat, study, and watch the normal after school programs. I was temporarily queen of the tattered golden throne (old gold couch).

I would find it funny the next day when I would not only know the answer to Mr. Dodson's question in history but also remember what Wonder Woman was doing at the time that I had read the answer while studying. Nice study tool, yet a tad distracting. Mr. Dodson was quite the character. Mr. Dodson and his yellow hands. Short, round Mr. Dodson in sharp contrast to that tall, thin English teacher ... Keester? [help me out classmates]. Mr. Dodson was to Mr. Keester what the Penguin was to the Joker. Mr. Dodson and his precious pointer that he used to love to smash down onto a student's desk who wasn't really paying attention as required. Mr. Dodson and my vague memory of a story about a Christmas tree and a little girl's underpants [really ... please help me classmates ... cause that one sounds a bit .... wrong].

Isn't it odd how just over a minute of cartoon can completely transport you back to a different time?

God, life was so much simpler then. Of course, I'm sure I didn't think that at the time. Junior high was a highly stressful mishmash of kids from different schools and the necessary shifting of tween power amongst cliques as everyone fought to find their place. Friends became enemies, couples broke up, you had to switch classes EVERY hour and remember a complicated set of numbers and movements to get into your locker. Ooh, and you had just become overly concerned with your looks at the same time that Mrs. Matthews deemed 10 minutes enough time for a girl to shower and dress amongst peers.


Nevermind. I take it back. Not simpler.


  1. Ah Thundercats! I honestly don't remember watching it myself, but Trev often reminisces (sp?) about that show! He wants to get it on dvd one of these days, so I guess you could say he was a fan too!

  2. As all cool people were/are! Believe me, I'm also "this" close to posting the opening to Battle of the Planets here since I was so psyched to actually find it! I SO wanted to be one of those kids. Always five, always together, fighting to save our world!

  3. LOL! Did you ever watch a cartoon called the Fables of the Green Forest?  Trev and I both watched it when we were little and one day I found the intro clip on You Tube and played it for him...I think I made his day with that!

  4. Hmm .. nope, that one does not ring a bell. Was that some sort of weird Canadian thing? ;)

  5. LOL...maybe it was, come to think of it!