Monday, December 29, 2008

I Don't Wanna Come Back!!!!

I just spent two glorious, sunny, warm weeks in Florida with family.

Dad made us breakfast every day, my stepmom cooked all our favorites at other meals, I watched the first four seasons of The Office and, so, can nearly join the rest of the civilized world in tuning in every Thursday night, we went to a couple movies (including my little sister's 12th viewing of Twilight!), visited the Disney Marketplace (where I would live if given the opportunity), and lounged in the sun. The warm wonderful sun. Ooh, we also won the Christmas lights contest in Dad's subdivision (again) ... 'cause we're awesome. That's right ... we kicked some blue-haired, retiree boot-aye!

It was two lazy, sunny, wonderful Florida weeks.

Now I'm back.

I arrived finally this afternoon at 1:30 p.m.

First stop - the post office to pick up my mail from the last two weeks. I love how you can indicate via a click as to whether you want to pick up your mail or have them deliver it on a specified date. I chose to pick up my mail. Yep, that's the box I clicked. That's what the confirmation sheet said ... as well as the sheet bound around my mail once I surgically removed it from my wee 5X5 inch mailbox. Apparently the post office is unable to follow their own directions. Nothing like waiting in a long post office line only to be told that your mail "isn't back there" and to "let them know" if my carrier doesn't deliver it. Why? 'Cause if she doesn't then you'll look harder and find it????

Second stop - my blessed apartment. I smartly turned down my thermostat before I left for vacation so I wouldn't needlessly heat the apartment while away. So, I expected it to be cool and it wasn't until I also noticed my fridge light was out ... oh and the kitchen light ... and the TV .... that I realized that not only was I not in sunny Florida anymore ... I returned just in time to take part in a high wind power outage.


My last shower had been Saturday night. I spent 16 hours in the car with my older sister Linda driving from Dad's to Dayton yesterday. 16 hours. And at times 5 hours without exiting (as the PO-lice like to say) the vehicle. I slept, woke, and hopped back into the car for another 5 1/2 hour drive this morning. Do not tell me that I can't take a shower!!!

I ended up visiting my gym solely for its hot water this afternoon.

About an hour ago, right after I gave up and buried myself beneath enough blankets to make it difficult to move my legs, a light flickered ... popped (not sure how I feel about that sound) and finally remained on ... the heat turned on ... and I climbed out of my cocoon to, well, bitch about not wanting to come back.

Ah ... normalcy at last.

[I still don't wanna come back though!]

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  1. Welcome back to the real world! Sounds like a great trip with a really bad ending.