Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dead Hair Walking ...

Just a Quick Tip: If you know that someone is about to lose their hair to chemotherapy, find another subject for your compliment.  I love the thought but, "Your hair looks so good!!" just reminds me of what I'll be without in the near future. 

Yes, I know it will be temporary.

Yes, I've heard it grows back thicker and curly, and smells of rainbows and sunshine. 

Sure, I'm certain bald will make my "eyes pop."  If I get Dr. App's approval next Tuesday, I'll be sheering my hair Wednesday evening in preparation for chemo later that week.  Bye bye perfect length hair and hello Sméagol.

I don't need other compliments.  Just don't tell my "dead hair walking" how good it looks on its way to the gallows for a respite.


Current Schedule:

  • Monday - Genetics appointment and BACK TO WORK, y'all! 
  • Tuesday - Dr. App appointment and hopefully chemotherapy approval then chemo class
  • Wednesday - Hair be gone
  • Thursday -  Port placement
  • Friday - Official start to chemotherapy 
  • Saturday - First shot of Neulasta to help jump start my white blood cells and minimize my immunity issues due to chemotherapy. 

And while searching for a link for Neulasta, I happened upon some suggestions from patients to take Claritin when taking the Neulasta shots.  Neulasta will help increase my white blood cell production but it is known to cause some unpleasant, i.e., just knock me out, pain in my bones.  The suggestion is that taking a Claritin a day around the time of the shots will help this pain.  Hmm ... I'll certainly ask Dr. V about that before chemo begins.  And here I was just passing along a minor tip to all of you and I'm leaving with a new tip for myself.

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