Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well That Was ... Anticlimactic

I did it. I plunked down the moolah for eHarmony. 


I recognize a LOT of these guys from other dating sites. Hell, I recognize pictures from other dating sites; pictures that have to be several years old. 

The email I tried to send during the "free communication" weekend, the email that set off my "sneaky" eHarmony vibe when they wouldn't allow it to go through? I now know that it would have gone to someone I've already encountered at Someone to whom I'm not attracted.

Does this mean I owe them thanks somehow for keeping me from opening that communication again?

Of course, if they allowed individuals to see their matches without paying, I would have recognized him in the first place.  So, no, no thanks to you, eHarmony.  You're still sneaky.

Then, I saw the "Find New Matches" button. Sweeet!  I clicked.  I watched with anticipation as the timer ticked down from 60 seconds. And then I read:
"Our matching system was not able to find any new matches for you right now."
Well, isn't that a kick in the ole' ego keister.  Now, instead of wandering Grand Rapids wondering where my guy is hiding, I paid way more than I wanted in order to be told by a blinking computer that he doesn't exist.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I realize this is not true and have been recently told that only a very small percentage of people even use these dating sites.  But, still ... 'you're unmatchable at the moment' is not a thing anyone wants or needs to hear. 

Or read.

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