Saturday, October 4, 2008

Be True To Yourself

I have been "viewable" on for less than a week and have already updated my profile multiple times. How much of yourself should you show on a dating site? I tend to be a tad sarcastic. [I know, it's true! Who knew?] Consequently, my profile came across that way and, according to one advisor, it was too negative.

*cue the death knoll of my dating life*

Thereafter, I substantially cut negatives and sarcasm from my profile. It was much MUCH shorter and sweeter. It was also, according to one friend, "bland and blah."

So, how much should you say about yourself in an online dating profile? How much wit and/or sarcasm can a sarcastic person bestow upon potential dates without completely tainting the lot of them to her? I mean, hell, I've removed the "All Men Suck" mantra ... so I'm good, right?

According to Evan Marc Katz, we should figure out what makes us different and use it to our advantage. Okay, I can go with that and it adds points to my friend's cry of "bland and blah."

*5 minutes of thought about what makes me different. I'm stumped.*

Katz also advises the date seekers to stay consistently positive. *Oh my.*

No spelling mistakes. *Agreed! *

No glaring insecurities. *Define "glaring" please.*

No superficial wish list about looks. *Does that mean I have to remove my reference to Orlando Bloom?*

No giving anyone a reason to say no to you. *WHAT!!??*

Now I have to really draw the line there. I know, I know, mystery is a good thing but, frankly, I'd like a potential date to know that I am not even a distant relative to Betty Crocker or Sara Lee. I know my Papa John's phone number and he knows mine. I would just rather weed out right now those men who find a domestic deficiency to be a deal breaker. Bah Bye. I would also rather someone have a sense of my sense of humor before the phone numbers are exchanged.

I'll stick with Katz's ultimate tip: "If you have fun writing it, the reader will likely have fun reading it." My current profile leans back in my original humorous yet cynical direction. And honestly, if "my guy" is out there anywhere then the wit will be appreciated, accepted, and returned. No wusses allowed!

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  1. I agree be who you are, if they don't like it, well who really cares?
    Men say they don't want women who plays games, but can they ever handle the truth that we don't need them to rescue us ? nope, they want fantasy, but personally I wouldn't waste my time with it.