Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Record

Wow ... apparently 10 days of is all I can take at the moment. I'm already sick of looking. Within those 10 days, at least according to, my profile was viewed 406 times, I received 20 emails, sent 13 emails, and received 23 winks.

I don't believe I'm supposed to be feeling this disillusioned already, am I?


  1. leave (or at least give it less weight in determining your happiness)! Can i ask a seemingly simple question? Is marriage/male companionship the only option? Sure it's nice but is that the only thing that will make you truly happy? You are such a great person. I hate to see you painfully analyzing whether or not someone on match is right for you. The one thing that helped me most when i was struggling through relationships was when someone told me "if you believe something bad will happen, you will undoubtedly lead it to happen" Once you have an outcome predetermined in your mind, your actions will reflect it, intentionally or not. Unfortunately, the same doesn't hold true in reverse, but it's a good start for a better outlook on life (at least for me). I'm not implying that your outlook on life is bad, just offering another angle to look at things. I honestly believe that if love is supposed to happen, it will happen when you're not watching. It's true of every good relationship I've ever witnessed. be confident and don't worry!

  2. Oh believe me, my outlook on life IS bad. ;)

    I've heard the "it will happen when you're not watching" a lot. I've never quite figured out how not to watch though.

    I'm thinking someone will have to find me while I'm eating ice cream and, therefore, completely oblivious to everything else around me. Ha!

  3. Hello!!

    I laughed when I saw this entry, because that seems to be how it is on Men are vultures. And apparently the internet serves as a way to completely uncensor themselves. It's awesome (not really).

  4. Believe you me, I send my little sister forwards of some of the funny ones. [Note to others reading ... no, if you are one of the guys from Match to whom I gave this address, of course yours was not one of those I passed on. Hee.]