Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Not March Madness, it's Match Madness

Updated profile ... approved. Uploaded photos ... approved.

Let the madness begin.


  1. Good luck! If nothing else, my online dating experiences provided some good stories, and a few random drunken texts much later after we went our separate ways. I found my right match two floors up in my office building, but the match/chemistry/myspace kept things interesting until then.

    I've learned in probate that if you really want to find out who someone is, have them apply for a bond--there are a lot of criminal convictions out there for meth/fraud/forgery/battery, but then my firm only attracts the best people.

  2. Hmmm ... same office building, eh? Let's see, other than the Prosecutor's Office where I work, my building has Friend of the Court - perhaps that baby daddy is waiting to complain about supporting his other children(!) - and Probation. Pray that I do not find my right match in my building, please!

  3. OK, maybe next door to your building, and avoid the financial advisors/mortgage brokers for a while.

  4. Somehow, given the location of this remark, I tend not to believe that you are sincere. ;)