Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a Match Reunion! [Just a Short Rant.]

Unbelievable. Two prior "dates" from years gone past have popped back up to "wink" or email me during my current round.

One of the two firemen I've dated: We went out four or five times, I went on vacation, he decided while I was gone that he didn't see a "romance" in our future. A year later, he contacted me again and asked me out. The day of our scheduled date, he left a message letting me know that he had a sick child and needed a rain check. What happened? Never heard from him again ... until this time around when I got, you guessed it, an email on from him wishing me the best roughly two years after first meeting him.

The other is even better - the EMT: This was the first man I went out with (or stayed in with) following my divorce. We saw each other for two months the fall of 2004 before he broke things off due to my then weight. Yes, that was the actual reason he gave me. Apparently I was a great girl with whom to "stay in" but not so much with the taking out. I just got a "wink" from him on tonight.

So, I'm taking opinions. How do you handle men, be they online dates or other, who have popped back up after treating you poorly in the past?

My first thought? You don't.

My second thought involves a transvestite named Destiny who guarantees a Crying Game experience for the right price.


  1. If he did it once, it's more than likely, he's going to do it again. Besides, he left you for a very shallow reason. He's not good enough for you.

    P.S.: that was me, Blue...LOL

  2. I'd say don't even encourage them with a response, even though their (lack of) character would make it tempting for me to come up with something snarky. Just leave your energy available for the right ones.

  3. Now see, you're assuming those exist! But don't worry, I'm not responding to those two.

  4. Update: So, that guy who dumped me because of my then weight (the EMT)? Just today, four years later, I ran into him and his now double chins. Life is good.