Thursday, October 23, 2008

God Can Move Mountains, Why Not Obama

Saturday morning, I received an email from my Mom, one of the nicest, Christian, do-anything-to-help-another persons you could ever meet. The only thing my Mom wrote on the email was this:

"Obama scares me. How do you girls feel? Love, Mom"

Attached to the email was a forwarded email entitled, "God Can Move Mountains." Within that forwarded email was essentially a call to Christian Americans to pray that God delivers us from the evil Obama. Seriously. It used accusations to incite blind fear and hatred, commented on religion and the need to protect our country from becoming "Under Allah," as well as on what it called the anti-white feelings of Michelle Obama. It cried out that Bush has been fighting a "holy war" and urged the reader to pray "to keep a man as suspect as Barak Obama from leading our country to who knows where with his message of 'change.' "

I responded to my Mom. I responded by letting her know that Obama doesn't scare me. The hatred and venom spewed in that email is what scares me. That email was one step away from some nut job reading it and deciding that he/she must take our future into their hands and "do God's will" by ridding us of the evil Obama. By assassinating the leader. That man or woman will likely call themselves Christian and, on that day, if/when such a horrific event happens, I will be ashamed.

If you want to see the email itself, email me at and I'll send it to you.

I don't think my Mom was quite prepared to see just the shade of blue all four of her daughters have become. But, as I told her, it is okay if we disagree, we still love her - that is the kind of Christian upbringing that she gave us - not the ignorant rantings of racist fanatics intent on spreading a message that any difference means you must be evil.

And now for some intelligent, comedic relief! God save Opie!!
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  1. You forgot the part about how Bush is a prophet. Poor Mom. Where did she go wrong with us?

  2. You mean where did she go right with us. Somehow our parents produced intelligent, witty, moral, open-minded, giving women despite our surroundings. That's right, I said it! I say it because some of those same Northern Indiana small-town/small-minded "adults" are the ones who are sending around that trash attempting to influence her.

    Thank God that such people do not make up the whole of our hometown. Research the issues people and THEN vote as you must. Don't let anyone from either side try to sway you with doom and gloom scenarios ... unless of course you're even thinking of voting Palin into office ... then call me and let me talk you down from that ledge.